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Thompson's Motorsports VP display

Thompson’s Motorsports Case Study

Thompson’s Motorsports is the largest powersports dealer in the midwest. You’ll find their dealership in Terre Haute, Indiana, a relatively small town that sits just east of the Illinois border on the banks of the Wabash River. It’s a mere 78 miles southwest of the state capital, Indianapolis. Furthermore, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Louisville are all within a 200-mile drive.

Education and outdoor recreation are two of the hallmarks of Terre Haute. It’s not only home to Larry Bird’s alma mater, Indiana State, but also several other institutions of higher learning. As a matter of fact, it’s known as both the Queen City of the Wabash and is designated as an official “Tree City USA,” thanks to 1,000+ acres of golf courses, trails, parks, and other outdoor activities available to locals and tourists. Additionally, young racing aficionados can even hone their driving skills at the Terre Haute Quarter Midget Association Racing Facility, one of 50+ Quarter Midget Clubs nationwide.

Thompson’s Motorsports is THE place to go for Midwesterners interested in purchasing either a new or pre-owned motorcycle, ATV, or UTV. Chad Thompson owns the company. His father started the business in 1973 carrying Triumph and Honda. Since then, Thompson’s Motorsports has grown to include a wide array of prominent brands. Altogether, they stock their 35,000 square foot showroom with a cornucopian amount of adult powersports toys that would make Santa’s workshop look like a walk-in closet.

Dealership Showroom

To begin with, one of the first things you notice when you walk into their showroom, besides the overwhelmingly impressive lineup of “toys,” is an equally impressive lineup of VP Racing Fuel products. In fact, it almost looks like a VP shop. For instance, an entire wall features VP coolants, additives, sprays, and lubricants. Secondly, cans of stacked VP race fuel and jugs are prominently on display, and gallons of VP hand sanitizer are conveniently set out for customers to use as they browse the showroom selection.

Finally, head over to the Thompson’s Motorsports service department afterward, and you’ll find a large red, white, and blue VP logo that adorns the wall above the service entry door, not to mention even more VP wall logos once you’re inside the service center. None of this is by accident. VP products have played a significant role in driving business for Thompson’s Motorsports for decades.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Chad Thompson about his company’s long-time relationship with VP products and how they’ve helped his business.

Q&A with Chad Thompson

VP: Which VP fuels and products do you currently use?

CT: We have a large selection of stuff … We normally keep six to eight blends of fuel. There are probably 80 fuel cans out there at all times by the parts department. … We do all the oils, Madditives, Stay Frosty. The sprays, the oils. A lot of fuel and jugs.

Do you know which of the VP products are your biggest sellers?

CT: T4 and T2 are our biggest fuel sellers. The chain lube does well. Obviously, the oils because of service [department]. The whole line has been moving well.

How long have you been using VP fuels and other products?

CT: The fuels? Probably over 20 years now. And the jugs. VP’s Terre Haute facility happens to be convenient for us to restock from. We get all the fuels and the Madditives. They special order some stuff in if they don’t have it on hand.

How has our fuel impacted your business?

CT: The last 10 years really, just a tremendous amount of sales with the cans, having six to eight different blends to choose from. The T2 two-stroke … you know, we’ll stock 40 to 50 cans at any given time.

: So getting our canned fuels and other stuff has really moved the needle pretty well for you guys.

CT: Yea, very much so. It’s all about convenience. It’s like when they walk into Lowe’s or Home Depot, they’ve got the small two-stroke mix for weed eaters.

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