VP DieCast Plymouth Rd Runner and Hauler


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A must-have for your diecast muscle car collection. This 1:64 scale features the legendary 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, equipped with the highly desired 440 Six-Pack, and a 1970 Dodge L600 Hauler.

It didn't get much better than a '69 Plymouth Roadrunner in the muscle car era. This bad boy had both bark and bite. It was released in February 1969. Motor Trend named it “Car of the Year.” Less than 1,500 were built with the A12 440 Six-Pack. As a result, this high-performance model was a rare breed. They equipped the '69 Road Runner with Edelbrock manifolds, three Holley carburetors, a distinctive fiberglass hood and bare H-Series wheels.

Moreover, this Road Runner could run. With a ‘big block’ 440, it was rated at 390 bhp. Speed and Supercar magazine tested a 1969 A12 Road Runner and got a 1/4 mile time of 13.88 seconds at 106.13 mph. The first thing you'll notice about this diecast muscle car set is the meticulous detail in everything. Admire the crisp white paint, the intricacy and exactness of the VP Racing Fuels logo, and the perfection in the red and blue paint striping.

In addition, this beautiful collection features real chrome bumpers and rubber Goodyear tires. This is a limited-edition diecast set, with fewer than 8,000 produced. It's made for ages 8+.

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Additional information

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