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propane tank

Why choose VP as your Propane supplier

VP Racing Fuels was founded 45 years ago and grew from a Texas-based niche motorsport fuel manufacturer to a globally-distributed manufacturer of racing and performance products.

Known as the World Leader in Fuel Technology®, VP’s products have fueled champions in virtually every form of motorsport on land, sea, and air, but these days the company stands for more than simply racing fuel.

VP is proud to be a distributor of propane for commercial businesses like convenience stores and other retail locations in the San Antonio, Texas area. VP will install a VP Racing Propane cage with display graphics as well as supply you with fresh tanks.

Propane Cage

What to Expect

Our VP team will work with your retail establishment to access your property, set you up as a vendor and install the cage at your location.

1. Site Survey
Once you request an installation at your retail space, VP Racing Fuels will set up a site survey. This may take 2 to 3 weeks. On the day of the survey, our trained representative will come to your space, assess your property, and find the best location for your VP Racing Fuels propane cage.

2. Permitting
Our representative will handle applying for all the necessary permits for your location. VP Racing Fuels will acquire all permits at every level in order to ensure the installation is certified and your cage is approved for placement. The timing of this step varies based on the jurisdiction in your location.

3. Account Setup
Once we’ve received all the permits and approvals we need, we’ll set up your account in our system and order the necessary equipment for your installation. We’ll schedule your installation for about 2 to 3 weeks from the date we receive the permits. During this time, our Customer Care team is right by your side to help with any questions you may have about your new personalized VP Racing Fuels account.

4. Installation
Our trained installation crew will come to your location with your propane cage, filled propane cylinders along with all the signage, tools, and marketing materials you’ll need to make the most of selling VP Racing Fuels propane. Our installation crew will install the cage and ensure you are 100% satisfied with the placement and installation. Your account will then be charged for the initial pre-paid gas inventory plus the cost of permits for each location.

5. Training
At time of installation, we provide a comprehensive handbook training guide so your store managers and employees know how to safely and properly sell VP Racing Fuels propane.

6. Inspection
Once your on-site propane cage is in place, we’ll contact your local jurisdiction and, if required, request a final inspection*. When we receive final approval, your retail store can begin selling propane!
* Not all locations need a final inspection. This depends on the local jurisdiction and their guidelines.

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