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Why Choose VP over Pump Gas

VP’s solution provides the perfect blend of base fuel components, detergents, stabilizers and anti-wear chemistry to meet the needs of small engine applications.

Unfortunately, not many users are aware of the harm that pump gas causes to their equipment nor do they take into consideration the quality of oil they utilize. The ethanol found in pump gas can destroy rubber and plastic parts as well as gum up carburetors and piston rings. It should also be noted that ethanol is hygroscopic, meaning it will attract water and create additional corrosion.

When operating a small engine, you need a fuel that is formulated for the application. Many users take the quality of fuel for granted until mechanical failures occur.

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15% More Fuel in our Gallon vs the Competition

Higher octane and a full can are what you get when you choose VP Small Engine Fuels as your preferred fuel for all your outdoor equipment.

We also offer 5-gallon pails (vs. 4.75-gallons) & 54-gallon drums (vs. 48-gallons).

Don’t waste your money with the competition. Choose VP!

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The Importance of a High Quality Oil

Lower-quality oils create excess carbon that can lead to ring stick, blocked exhaust ports, and other problems. For 2-cycle engines, the best full synthetic clean-burning 2-cycle oil is necessary for engine longevity and performance. It is the combination of high-quality ethanol-free fuel and oil in a 2-cycle engine that keeps an engine running its best.

VP’s solution provides the perfect blend of base fuel components, additives, octane, RVP, and oil to meet the needs of small engine applications. VP has a full line of high octane (94+) 2-cycle fuels including 40:1, 50:1, 40:1/50:1 Multimix, and an industry-leading 97 octane ProMax for commercial users. These fuels are premixed with a full synthetic JASO FD certified oil for quick starts, maximum performance, and extended engine life. VP’s 2-cycle fuels are ethanol-free and consistent batch to batch and formulated to work well in any climate.

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