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Collaboration Yields New Specialty Fuel to Power Fiesta R5

CUMBRIA, ENGLAND (March 23, 2016) The Ford Fiesta R5 has become one of M-Sport’s most successful projects and a new collaboration with VP Racing Fuels has taken development a step further this week.

Conducting a thorough research and development programme, the two companies have developed “VP R5™” – a high-performance 102 Octane FIA-certified competition fuel specially designed for the Fiesta R5.

The partnership was formed during the development of the new Ecoboost-powered Evo engine.
M-Sport engineers found marked performance gains against other 102 Octane fuels, concluding that VP R5 was the best fuel on the market for the Fiesta R5.

M-Sport’s continued commitment to delivering the best possible product means that all new Fiesta R5 Evos will be mapped and delivered with a first fill of VP R5.

The specialty fuel is now readily available at all VP Racing distributors and M-Sport look forward to delivering further successes with the Fiesta R5 Evo and VP Racing Fuels.

M-Sport Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said:
“We might be a privateer team, but work on our various projects never stops. The team are constantly evaluating research and development at a number of levels and this particular project delivered performance gains that were hard to ignore.

“Our close partnership with VP Racing Fuels has resulted in the creation of VP R5 and our engineers concluded that it provides optimum performance as the best competition fuel on the market.

“Committed to delivering the best possible product to our valued clients around the globe, all Fiesta R5 Evos will now be mapped and delivered on VPR5 – something that we hope will only increase the impressive level of success we’ve enjoyed with the new-evolution Fiesta R5.”

VP Racing Fuels Director of Sales, Mark Ticen, said:
“We were excited about the opportunity to collaborate on fuel development with M-Sport as they are recognized worldwide for top tier performance in rally racing. It has been a pleasure to work with M-Sport’s team of professionals and we’re honoured that they chose VP R5 to power the new Fiesta R5.

“For more than 40 years, VP has lead the industry’s advancements in fuel technology and R5 is but the latest successful outcome of the tireless R&D efforts of our Technical Support staff to find the next best thing.

“We look forward to a successful long-term partnership with M-Sport and are committed to helping keep them on the leading edge of performance for years to come.”

For more information about VP R5 racing fuel or to order, contact Matt Neve, VP’s Business Development Manager-Europe, at + or [email protected]. Technical questions can be directed to VP’s Tech Support staff at +1.302.521.1767 or [email protected].