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Product Description

We use advanced technology to design VP Ultra Marine™, the best fuel stabilizer for boats on the market. Ultra Marine™ slows the fuel aging process and keeps fuel fresh by helping to inhibit phase separation, which is an effect of ethanol. Phase separation occurs when enough water has contaminated ethanol-blended gasoline. This causes the ethanol to attach itself to the water molecules.

It's important to note that ethanol is hygroscopic. In other words, it absorbs moisture from the air. As a result of phase separation, the water/ethanol separates from the gasoline in the tank and settles to the bottom. This can lead to engine knock and other serious issues. This is where a marine fuel additive can help. In fact, Ultra Marine stabilizes fuel for up to 3 years!

Another key point is that we blend our boat fuel stabilizer with a vapor corrosion inhibitor, which protects against corrosion both above as well as below the fuel line for non-ferrous metals. Furthermore, Ultra Marine contains an advanced detergent that keeps your carburetor and fuel injectors clean, prevents ring sticking, and helps eliminate carbon and varnish build-up to keep your marine engine running like new.

Use our fuel stabilizer for boats both in-season and just before you store your boat.

Third-Party Test Results
Multiple independent tests have proven the effectiveness of Ultra Marine™ boat fuel stabilizer:

Oxidation Stability

ASTM Test D525 shows the time (in minutes) for fuel to become unstable (e.g. break down, form gums). This test showed that VP's fuel treatment for boats, Ultra Marine™, greatly increased fuel stabilization by more than 8x compared to fuel without a stabilizer additive.

Corrosion Rating

Performed using the NACE Standards Test for ferrous metals. NACE International is the world's leading professional organization for the corrosion control industry. The test rates the ability of a metal to resist corrosion. A rating of 1 is poor while a rating of 5 is excellent. Our boat gas stabilizer received a 5-rating. In other words, it vastly improves fuel's corrosion resistance beyond fuel that doesn't contain our fuel additive.

Corrosion Protection

ASTM Test D130. This test evaluates the degree to which a lubricant will corrode copper-containing materials. For example, bronze and brass. Test ratings range from 1a (slight but barely noticeable discoloration) to 4c (severely corroded, blackened, and pitted). Ultra Marine™ received the highest rating of 1a.

Cleaning (Nitrogen Content)

The cleaning test reveals the tested nitrogen content in Part per Million (PPM) of our products. Nitrogen content is a strong indicator of cleaning ability. Our stabilizer was shown to have a high nitrogen content of 80 PPM.

Advantages of Ultra Marine™ Gas Stabilizer for Boats
  • Stops water/ethanol issues
  • Keeps fuel fresh
  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Protects plastic/rubber
  • Bonds 2-cycle oil to gasoline
  • Treats up to 240 gallons of fuel (908L)
Be sure to keep your boat clean and looking sharp with VP's detailing and cleaning products.

Learn more about why it's a good idea to use a marine fuel stabilizer and boat fuel additive.

Features & Benefits

  • Treats up to 240 Gallons (908L)
  • Stops water/ethanol issues
  • Vapor corrosion inhibitor
  • Keeps fuel fresh
  • Slows fuel aging
  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Protects plastic/rubber
  • Phase separation
  • Bonds 2-cycle oil to gasoline

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Additional information

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