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Wuest’s, Inc. Plants Flag in VP’s Backyard

VP’s newest retail branding partners include St. Charles, Illinois-based Parent Petroleum and Fiona, Texas-based Kendrick Oil, along with Wuest’s, Inc., based just outside VP’s home market of San Antonio, Texas.

Parent Petroleum has converted the first VP-branded station in the Chicago market with more to come.  According to Mark Potaczek, Vice President of Fuels Marketing & Development for Parent, the VP brand provides the most unique offering in their market with many benefits previously available only through major refiners.  “VP’s brand image is economical, attractive and communicates a theme of quality and reliability, which is consistent with its reputation in the specialty fuels, additives, and racing community.  Their credit card fees are among the lowest in the industry and their marketing support programs are very useful and easy to administer.”

Kendrick Oil will focus on growing the VP brand in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Louisiana.  “VP gives Kendrick Oil and our dealers the flexibility to have a nationally recognized brand while simultaneously buying fuel from the lowest cost supplier every time,” said Neal McCarty, Branded Liaison and Business Development for Kendrick Oil.  “This allows our dealers to price aggressively in their market and have a strong brand presence to drive business, a great solution for those dealers looking for a strong brand, low processing rates and low cost fuel.”

Two of the Pic-n-Pac stores owned by Wuest’s, Inc. have been converted to VP and Phil Wuest, Director of Operations, looks forward to converting more in the greater San Antonio area.  Wuest liked what he saw in VP’s “branded unbranded” program.  “VP has the look of a major brand but offers the chance to buy unbranded supply to compete more effectively with grocery chains, super chains and major brands.  We also expect substantial savings from VP’s low credit card processing fees and elimination of monthly network fees, plus we’ll generate new revenue streams from VP’s race fuels, additives and apparel.  All these products appeal to race fans and gearheads who are drawn to VP because of its reputation in racing.”

“VP’s program gives us more control over our business and our facilities, without anyone dictating or assessing penalties for noncompliance.  It was also important to us to have an appealing brand to offer as a jobber to other retailers,” Wuest added.
VP welcomes its new partners and looks forward to growing our businesses together.  For more information about VP’s retail branding program, visit or contact:
Ted Tritt – 210-510-8409 or 
[email protected]
Upper Midwest/Northeast
Matt Schuster – 210-784-6708 or 
[email protected]
South Central/West
Bryan Noonen – 210-289-6000 or 
[email protected]