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Bar and Chain oil (1QT) - 2931

One of the most important performance parts in a professional chainsaw is its fluids. However, too many commercial users assume that fuels and oils are largely all the same and unknowingly cause damage and shorten the life of their professional chainsaw.

The first thing to know is to never use pump gas in any outdoor power equipment, as it contains 10-15% ethanol which will destroy rubber/plastic parts such as fuel lines and gaskets, as well as gum up carburetors and piston rings (“ring stick”). Further, because ethanol attracts water, it is corrosive on internal engine components. Instead, use ethanol-free, high octane (94+) fuels specially formulated for outdoor power equipment. VP Racing Fuels’ ProMax 50:1 2-cycle fuel offers an industry-leading 97 octane fuel with a JASO FD certified oil that is premixed for quick starts, maximum performance and extended engine life in extreme conditions (as verified in 3rd party detergency tests and gas chromatography tests).

Another challenge in maintaining proper chain lubrication is “fling off” – the tendency of the oil to separate from the chain as it turns, thereby failing to fully lubricate the chain. VP’s Bar and Chain Oil includes a tackifier for low fling, which results in less oil consumption and improved protection. It’s also formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear additives for better protection of metal surfaces while keeping the chain sharper for longer periods of time. Lastly, VP’s Bar and Chain Oil offers all season performance: hot and cold temperatures (flows to -9F).

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