ProMax™ 50:1 (97 Octane) Premix 2 Cycle Fuel for Small Engines




Product Description

ProMax™ is a premix 2 cycle fuel made with higher-grade base stocks. It's the cleanest-burning 50:1 mix small engine fuel on the market. We design ProMax™ for the unique demands of professional outdoor power equipment, including chainsaws, concrete cutting saws, cut-off saws, plus any other high-temperature, high-load applications. Moreover, we pack it with 97 octane for maximum detonation protection. This is vital for air cooling systems that may be restricted by wood chips, sawdust, or sap-pitch, for instance. In addition, it's critical for jobs that require frequent starts and stops, which rapidly builds heat within the engine.

Why ProMax?
If you make your living with 2-cycle outdoor power equipment, you know how much it costs. For professionals, time is money. When your equipment fails it hits right in the pocketbook. Therefore, you need to trust that your 50:1 mix will keep your engine running reliably, smoothly, and at the peak of performance. ProMax™ premixed 2-cycle fuel is ethanol-free. It ensures easier starts while maximizing the performance of your equipment. In addition, it helps lower engine temperatures and extends engine life.

The lubricant package in our premixed 2-cycle fuel has the highest JASO FD rating available for small engine fuel; thus, you know you're getting the best.

Purpose-Built--The Best Small Engine Fuel on the Market
VP engineers its small engine fuels with only the best components. We don't add unnecessary filler additives. As a result, it helps you avoid the costly expense of engine rebuilds and downtime-saving you money, time, and aggravation. VP has blended specialty fuels for nearly 50 years. We are the World Leader in Fuel Technology®.

When you need a 50:1 mix 2-cycle fuel that you count on, remember that VP isn’t a power equipment manufacturer that makes fuel. We’re a fuel company that makes... fuel.

Advantages of ProMax™
  • Significantly extends engine life
  • Prevents vapor lock
  • Designed specifically for high temp/high load professional outdoor equipment
  • Easy hot re-start in extreme conditions
If you've been using pump gas in your high-end equipment and have seen a decline in performance, add VP Fix-It-Fuel to the gas tank and follow the instructions. Thereafter, switch to ProMax™. You'll feel and notice the difference.

Additional information

Additional information

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1 Quart, 1 Quart X 8, 5 Gallon Pail, 54 Gallon Drum