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VP Racing Fuels Brand Program Proves to Be a Winner

PILOT POINT, TX (March 2, 2017) After 17 years with a major brand and steadily declining sales due to competition from lower priced independents, Joshua Kim faced a tough decision.  While other major brands and assorted unbranded options had their pros and cons, VP Racing Fuels made a compelling case for its program.  But would VP have sufficient brand recognition to ensure customers would visit his store?

Since taking the leap with VP last June, Kim reports the answer is a resounding “YES.”  Kim’s gasoline sales at his Pilot Point, Texas station had declined to about 30-35,000 gallons per month, but since reimaging with VP sales have doubled to 70,000 gallons.  “And that’s during the winter, so I expect even higher volumes next summer,” said Kim.

“New customers seem to be attracted to the VP brand due to a perceived higher quality, with many reporting cleaner fuel and better gas mileage,” Kim said.  “It also has dramatically increased my sales of premium gas.  After averaging 30-50 gallons of premium per day, we’ve increased to 150 gallons daily.”

“I was losing $.04 per gallon on my gasoline sales and got to the point where I didn’t even bother to fix several broken pumps,” Kim continued.  “But with VP, I’m netting $.12 per gallon.  In addition to higher volume and more profit on gasoline sales, my inside sales are up a solid 33%.  I’m also getting big savings from VP’s credit card program.  I used to pay $4000 per month in credit card fees, but now pay only about half that much on higher sales volumes!”

“VP’s off-road race fuel blends attract customers we wouldn’t otherwise get and VP Madditives® are selling really well.  I think the additives underscore the perception of quality in customers’ minds, where the VP brand is viewed as an authority on fuel technology,” Kim added.  “I couldn’t be happier with my decision to brand with VP Racing Fuels.”