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Industry Leaders Leverage Synergies to Reach Engine Builders

SuperFlow Technologies Group announced an extension of its agreement with VP Racing Fuels whereby SuperFlow factory technicians test all new engine dynamometers prior to shipment exclusively with VP’s C12 racing fuel. “The partnership with VP is very exciting because although we sell very different products, our goal is the same—to produce repeatable products with optimum performance,” said Scott Giles, CEO of SuperFlow.  “For us, it’s all about repeatability, which means controlling variables.  We know that each barrel of C12 that goes into our test engines is going to perform exactly like the last.”

“In addition to consistency, VP’s fuels have a well-earned reputation for power and performance while SuperFlow is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of dynamometers and flow benches in the country,” said Donato Bonaquisto, VP’s Director of Marketing.  “With SuperFlow’s endorsement, engine builders among its customers will be reminded that the combination of SuperFlow equipment and VP Racing Fuels will yield not only the most consistent data, but also the optimum performance that can be achieved with an engine.”

SuperFlow’s Dirt Late Model Team will also exclusively use C12 to ensure maximum power and consistent performance. “We’ve had troubles with other fuels in the past gumming up our carburetors and providing inconsistent power,” explained Mike Giles, SuperFlow’s Marketing Manager. “Our in-house testing on both the engine and chassis dynamometers with C12 in both of our cars produced more power, but most importantly the power was there consistently across our entire test procedure from multiple barrels of fuel.”