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As they were building their automotive shop business in Anchorage, Alaska, Richard and Desiree Hale weren’t focused on selling race fuel but did find a need to fuel his myriad racing habits – from drag racing and snowmobiles to off road endurance races.  After testing a variety of fuels in 2009 with their chassis dyno, they saw more proven power and performance from VP fuels in every application.  As they piled up wins and podium finishes, others noticed and requested his help in securing race fuels for their rides, not always an easy task in the more remote areas of Alaska.  Thus began a modest distribution business that is now on the cusp of exploding.

“We have just contracted space in a 48,000 sq. ft. warehouse to stock larger quantities of VP products exclusively,” said Hale, President of Hale’s Technical Services.  “We started selling just race fuel and have seen steady growth every year, but since taking on VP’s full line of Consumer Products last year, we’ve seen a 200% increase in sales with most of that growth coming from VP Small Engine Fuels and Lubricants, Madditives® and Motorsport Containers®.  We anticipate similar increases next year.”

Knowing the best way to sell any product is to educate the customer on its benefits, Richard has made a concerted effort to train his dealers and retail customers on the features and benefits of VP products.  The Hales have also cultivated a relationship wherein they’ll be supplying an additional 27 privately owned and corporate NAPA stores throughout the state.  Even with all that, they’re excited about further growth prospects with VP’s Consumer Products. “This is big diesel country so VP’s Diesel All-in-One sells well and with all the outdoor power equipment used here, VP’s 2-cycle oil and other small engine products are also big sellers.  These products open up many more venues for distribution like hardware stores, parts stores, Mom & Pop shops…and many of these will lead to race fuel sales as well.”

“The VP brand helps our sales efforts in a big way.  Customers know they make the best race fuel on the planet and know they can count on the same quality in VP’s other products.”

Richard’s hard work and enthusiasm are much appreciated and we’re happy to have him on Team VP!