Product Description

“Fix-It Fuel is designed as a single use treatment for poor/non-running small engines damaged by ethanol-blended street gas. It cleans and rejuvenates the fuel system to start more easily and operate in top condition. Fix-It Fuel is a pre-mixed ETHANOL-FREE 89-octane gas + oil blend. Although mixed with oil at 50:1, it works in any 2- and 4-cycle small engine application. Fortified with Mechanic in a Bottle™*, Fix-It Fuel cleans and repairs the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor or injectors, avoiding costly repairs and downtime. It’s best used as a pre-treatment before introducing ETHANOL-FREE VP Small Engine Fuel which is designed for ongoing use to prevent ethanol-related problems from occurring in the first place.

• Cleans carburetors & injectors without removal
• Removes water that causes corrosion
• Rejuvenates rubber & plastic
• Reduces costly repairs & downtime
• Perfect pre-treatment before using
Small Engine Fuel.

*“Mechanic in a Bottle™” is a registered trademark of
B3C Fuel Solutions, LLC.”



1 Quart X 8, 1 Quart, 5 Gallon Pail, 54 Gallon Drum

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Applicable to product classified as UN1203. See product label for UN classification. For MSDS, contact your nearest VP Regional Distribution Center listed HERE

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