G-500 75W Gear Oil




Product Description

VP Hi-Performance 75W Gear Oil is a GL-4 rated synthetic blend oil. We formulate it for use in wet clutch or wet brake applications. Additionally, we recommend it in applications that utilize soft metals, such as brass or bronze. Our 75W gear oil is for use in all motorcycle, ATV, and SXS transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials that call for a GL-4 rated oil.

To begin with, we engineer it with special anti-wear additives that both protect critical gear components and prevent scuffing and welding. Secondly, the oil includes long-lasting inhibitors that protect against gear corrosion, rust formation, and lubricant foaming. Finally, our gear oil affords outstanding resistance to fluid oxidation, which maintains gear cleanliness. Another key point is that you'll notice improved shifting as well as a reduction in transmission noise.

Product Features
  • Meets or exceeds known requirements for Polaris®, Can AM®, and Artic Cat®
  • Special anti-wear additives protect critical gear components and prevent scuffing and welding
  • Delivers outstanding wet clutch performance
  • Long-lasting inhibitors protect against gear corrosion, rust formation and lubricant foaming
  • Outstanding resistance to fluid oxidation maintains gear cleanliness
  • Improves shifting and reduces transmission noise
  • API GL-4
Find the right VP Powersports engine oil for your vehicle. We blend our premium oils to deliver maximum performance and protection.

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Additional information

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