2-Stroke Engine Oil – X2 1050 Synthetic




Product Description

X2-1050 is a full synthetic oil for 2-stroke dirt bikes and other 2-cycle off-road machines. We design this 2-stroke engine oil using the highest quality ester-based synthetics and include advanced base oils with state-of-the-art additives. As a result, it delivers optimal performance for today's off-road racing engines that require a 2-stroke oil. Furthermore, it's extremely clean burning and significantly reduces wear to keep your engine performing at its peak. This is THE ideal oil for 2-stroke dirt bikes and it's also perfect for any high-performance 2-stroke off-road machine, such as snowmobiles.

Benefits of X2 1050 2-stroke Engine Oil
  • Reduces friction & delivers optimal performance
  • Helps reduce engine temperatures
  • API TC and JASO FD
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Additional information

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1 Liter, 1 Liter X 12