VP Powersports Chain Cleaner

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Product Description

VP Powersports Chain Cleaner is designed specifically to cut through and dissolve dirt, grime, grease and old chain lube to help make cleaning your chain easier. Product dries with no residue so there is no need to rinse with water after use. For best results, spray VP Powersports Chain Lube on chain after use.

Performance Benefits:
  • Dries completely with no residue, no need to rinse with water
  • Special propellant is used to help the solvent penetrate deep into grease and grime
  • Safe for all non-O-ring and O, X and Z-ring chains
  • Safe for all O-ring materials
Recommended for all on and off-road motorcycles and ATVs with both non-O-ring roller style chains and O, X and Z-ring chains.

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Additional information

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