Engine Oil Additive – VP Extreme Service Oil Boost


Extreme Service Oil Boost is a premium VP engine oil additive for vehicles with 75K or more miles. Reduces leaks and minimizes dark exhaust smoke. Offers advanced anti-wear protection for critical engine components.



Product Description

Extreme Service Oil Boost is the best high-mileage engine oil additive for vehicles with 75,000 or more miles. It's also suited for fleet vehicles used in service duty and those operating under severe conditions. We blend it with a robust additive package that not only conditions seals and gaskets but also reduces engine leaks and oil consumption.

Futhermore, its concentrated formula includes special detergents that both minimize sludge formation and performance-robbing deposits. Extreme Service Oil Boost enhances treated motor oil to deliver maximum engine protection. It also maintains the oil's viscosity within recommended grade without affecting performance standards or OEM specs.

Product Benefits

  • Stay-in-grade performance and protection with multiple engine oil grades
  • Oil stop leak additive - Reduces leaks and driveway staining
  • Best engine oil additive for older engines
  • Leading-edge anti-wear protection for critical engine components
  • Special burn-off inhibitors reduce oil consumption between services
  • Superior cold-temp properties compared to other oil treatments
  • Minimizes dark exhaust smoke
Reduce long-term maintenance costs and extend the life of your engine with VP's extensive line of advanced fuel additives.

Additional information

Additional information

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