Dexron III VP Street Legal Multi-Purpose Auto Trans Fluid (DIII/M)


A Dexron 3 transmission fluid for automatic transmissions. Blended with advanced additive technology and balanced friction modifiers to provide long-term protection and optimum transmission performance.



Product Description

Street Legal Multi-Purpose is a premium Dexron 3 transmission fluid for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. We design it for use in automatic transmissions previously serviceable by GM DEXRON III (H) and FORD MERCON brands. Secondly, we formulate it with advanced additive technology and balanced friction modifiers. As a result, it provides trusted long-term protection and delivers optimum transmission performance.

Product Benefits

  • Superior anti-wear properties protect critical transmission components.
  • Balanced frictional properties for smooth shifting
  • Excellent anti-shudder performance
  • Good seal compatibility
  • Protection against both varnish and sludge formation
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Outstanding low-temperature fluidity.
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Additional information

Additional information

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1 Quart, 1 Quart X 12