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Product Description

How good is your spray wax? How well does it really protect your vehicle? Do you have to apply it each month? Moreover, does it have a patented UV system? With so many choices on the market, it's hard to know what is the best spray wax for cars.

Independent lab tests have shown that VP Power™ Wax protects vehicle paint from harmful UVA and UVB for up to five months through a patented UV system (patent #6,685,765). Most competing brands provide only a month’s worth of protection between applications. In addition, VP Power™ Wax also features a patented polymer/carnauba system (patent # 6,669,763), and it’s exceptionally easy to use – just spray it on and wipe it off. There’s no need for buffing, and it won’t leave a residue. You can see the clear protective film form as you wipe.

VP Power™ Wax is safe to use on paint protection films and ceramic coatings. It forms a harder finish than a factory finish, for ultimate protection. Say goodbye to afternoons spent tediously waxing your vehicle with paste wax. VP Power™ Wax thoroughly eliminates the need to use paste wax. As a result, it helps you balance your time and effort. More importantly, it gives you more time to enjoy and show off your set of wheels.

Another key point is that just two to three ounces will cover an average-sized vehicle. Furthermore, it can be used on glass, chrome, plastic, fiberglass, vinyl surfaces, and moldings.

To conclude, there are many choices for car wax spray. However, there’s only one VP Power™ Wax.

Advantages of VP Power™ Wax
  • Only spray wax with a patented UV system and patented polymer/carnauba system
  • Proven to protect for up to five months
  • Applies in 15 minutes or LESS
  • No buffing. No residue
  • Eliminates the need for paste wax
  • Safe and effective on glass, chrome, plastic, fiberglass, vinyl, and moldings
VP Power™ Wax – Less time, more shine.

VP also offers a complete Detailers 4-Pack With Microfiber Cloth. It includes VP Power Clean, VP Power Wax, VP Power Leather & Interior Detailer, and VP Power Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer.

Cleaning Products Right to Know Table

  • CAS#
    Chemical Names
  • 104810-47-1
    Benzotriazole Hydroxyphenyl Polymer reaction massBenzotriazole Hydroxyphenyl Polymer reaction mass
  • 104810-48-2
    Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl),.alpha.-[3-[3-(2hbenzotriazol-2-yl)-5-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4- hydroxy phenylPoly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl),.alpha.-[3-[3-(2hbenzotriazol-2-yl)-5-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4- hydroxy phenyl
  • 831241-93-1
    Dimethyl, Methyl Aminoethylaminoisobutyl siloxane, methoxy & hydroxy terminatedDimethyl, Methyl Aminoethylaminoisobutyl siloxane, methoxy & hydroxy terminated
  • 8015-86-9
    Carnauba waxCarnauba wax
  • N/A
    Pina Colada Allergens
    91-64-5 Coumarin
    84-66-2 Diethyl Phthalate
    Pina Colada Allergens
    91-64-5 Coumarin
    84-66-2 Diethyl Phthalate
    0.1 -1%0.1 -1%
  • 151-21-3
    Sodium dodecyl sulphateSodium dodecyl sulphate
    .02- .05.02- .05
  • 68412-54-4
    Nonylphenol, branched, ethoxylatedNonylphenol, branched, ethoxylated
    .02- .05.02- .05
  • 10377-60-3
    Magnesium nitrateMagnesium nitrate
  • 26172-55-4
  • 2682-20-4
  • 3251-23-8
    Copper dinitrateCopper dinitrate
  • 7732-18-5

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Additional information

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