VP CI1 Hi-Performance SAE 5W40 Synthetic Diesel Engine Racing Oil




Product Description

VP blends this SAE 5W40 synthetic diesel oil for both diesel racing engines and towing applications. To begin with, we formulate this diesel oil with outstanding high viscosity-index synthetic base oils. These base oils provide excellent high and low-temperature protection for high-performance diesel race engines. Secondly, VP adds enhanced levels of zinc and phosphorous (ZDDP), an aggressive detergent dispersant, and an anti-oxidant package to our 5W40 synthetic diesel oil. This protects against oil thickening and engine deposits.

Furthermore, multiple engine builders, including Al Moody Race Engines, have performed dyno tests of VP’s engine oils. They have documented real horsepower gains. Additionally, many of these same engine builders have performed documented video teardowns to inspect wear on engines. The engines ranged from 355 cubic inch dirt track motors to 3,000hp big block marine engines. Upon inspection, engine internals look virtually new and they can reuse them beyond traditional replacement intervals.

For the winning edge, be sure to try VP TORQ DX Diesel. Several tractor pulling series use VP’s diesel race fuel as a spec fuel. It offers a consistent product racers can rely on.

Cetanium® cetane booster is a diesel fuel supplement that increases cetane up to 10 numbers, cleans injectors and pumps, and much, much more. Designed for off-road racing applications.

  NOTE: Do NOT mix oil additive supplements with our 5w40 synthetic diesel oil. This product is not designed to be used with catalytic converters.

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Additional information

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